Here are some projects we worked on:

Custom stencil work on my own gun for demo. Sandblasted it in this aluminum receiver. We can do black oxide on steel and stainless as well.

A good cleaning and stock repair on a Remington 550I semi auto .22

Jeweling of bolt body

Sceletonized bolt handle on a Stevens 200

3 stainless barrels threaded and muzzle brakes fitted.

A 1953 Remington 870 Wingmaster. Opened up loading port, new Hogue stock set, blasted and hot blued, +6 magazine tube installed. All for 3 gun competition.

Porting a shotgun barrel

Barrel threaded and muzzle brake fitted and hot blued

Drilled and tapped a Remington 7600 for a scope rail

Repaired a malfunctioning Colt 1911

Barrel block fixed on brake action Cooey shotgun

Regular maintenance on a semi-automatic shotgun

Drilling and tapping a receiver for scope mount.

Some fresh hot bluing projects

Cooey model 60 fully restored. Hot bluing and stock refinished.

Color case harderd the reciever, hotbed the barrels and refinished the stock.

Re worked the bolt handle to prevent damage of new scope.